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Boston is a dangerous city.

Janet has been behaving like a child.

I'm a cancer patient.

I couldn't help you even if I wanted to.

But there's only one pair of chopsticks. What shall we do?

Chicago is often called "the Windy City".

Robert is in the office working on his laptop.

Does this train have a sleeping car?

Fifty people can ride on the bus.

In August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

It's my business to investigate such things.


It looks like it is going to rain.

Our company selected this office suite.

Have you seen this video?

Manavendra said he didn't want to be alone with Sherri.

I guess they really weren't happy.

Tell her you like her. Don't be afraid. She won't bite you.

He's three years older than she is.

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I didn't know you had a roommate.


Although I may be unhappy, I won't commit suicide.

If you're a bit off, God still loves you.

You'll be able to drive a car in a few days.

Human rights? Send human rights to hell, where they belong. That's what the neocons think about human rights.

Barton had to wait for a long time.

I need to borrow this broom.

The jet plane had 500 passengers on board.

Vassos and Miriamne are cleaning up.

I was eating a sandwich.

They competed with each other for the prize.

I'm the one who saved Fred.


Stop it now.

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How can it happened?

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She would have fallen into the pond if he had not caught her by the arm.

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The rationale behind certain New Age treatments can be dangerously wrong.


Varda is no angel.

He used so much inflated language in his speech today I couldn't figure out what he was saying.

The question is what're we going to do about it.

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Are you bothered by this?

What's so great about getting married?

Did you tell anyone about what Spencer did?

Please don't put it on the table.

He's just a big fish in a little pond.

Christofer is wounded.

If I were rich, I would buy a fine house.

What can we do for him?

Where do you speak French?


I've always wanted to live in Boston.

Tell me what you told them.

Would you rather come with us?


They both looked back at us.

I don't want it that badly.

What are some of your favorite movies?


Ann doesn't have any sisters.

Mehrdad hardly ever talks to anyone.

Annard doesn't seem too happy.


Finally, I have the house all to myself. Party time!

I have absolutely no intention of paying ten dollars.

I didn't do it for money.

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Three people were injured.

Randall told us we'd find you here.

I think there was a piece of paper in the box.


She grew up to be a great scientist.


Sridharan made a clean breast of the whole matter.

He used to be an imaginative boy.

Louiqa is giving up.

Your cat will survive.

Don't you drag me into this.

Where is the Dutch embassy?

Everything he says upsets me.


Do you want to learn how to drive?

She cracked the walnut with her teeth.

Ron never had to worry about money.

It's more expensive to eat at a restaurant than to eat at the school cafeteria.

Better a broken promise than none at all.


It is all because of you.

He has integrity, so he has many friends.

Let's meet Denis at the station.

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Mann was baffled.

Would you mind closing the window?

I'll be alone.

Fire is always dangerous.

If you don't water the plants, they will wither.


The nurse checked Antonio's pulse.


He didn't believe it at first.

Vincenzo likes to play with his dogs.

You're always smiling.


The entire public and political debate is based on conjecture, not on fact.

We're the only ones here who know Denis.

He is probably as disgusted by this as I am.

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Pat is always making me angry.

I think that helped me.

Kuldip passed one test, but failed the other.


They brush their teeth twice a day.

They are going to throw a party for Sam.

I must remember to mail this letter.


I am fighting for my future.

She recollected the first day when she went to school.

Sherman was wearing a bulletproof vest.


I'd like Andries to read what's written on that paper aloud.

I'm not dying.

He asked me for help.

Mayuko went right home.

I'll be better now.

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We'll stop them.

I am not entitled to comment on this.

I saw him a minute ago.

I don't know him at all.

As for myself, Saturday will be convenient.

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I think Roy might be sick.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

Now he is eating dinner.

That's how I feel about Joe.

You make it look easy.

And I had sex twice already, and it's just midday here.

I knew it would never work between you and Merton.


You can store information if you use a computer.


I couldn't spot them.

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Why don't you go and get your things?

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What is he talking about?

Lindsay's carrying something in his left hand.

I can't stop Matthieu.

I'm using a Mac and I can't read a Windows 95 file.

I don't want to be evil.


What a nice car you have! You must have paid a lot for it.

Me and my colleagues lived in a small 2 room cabin built on the edge of a cliff on the mountain. I say 2 rooms, but besides the entrance, there was a 6 by 2 tatami room. We ate potatoes, dried fish and tofu. Because we were on the top of a cold mountain, the potatoes would freeze during the winter.

I have half a mind to undertake the work.


They've written a bill for health care.


"May I call you tonight?" "Sure."


His sisters as well as he are now living in Kyoto.

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Where do you want to go today? An amusement park, or maybe a movie?

I wish I hadn't hit him.

Both Sharan and I can't speak French.

Don't let appearances deceive you.

They were like two ships that pass in the night.

Let's work together to do our best.

I have no secrets from you.

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He was included in the deal.

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I shouldn't have been so rude.

I want to try to be as aggressive as possible.

How long have you known her?

That stomachache made me sweat.

They sent up a balloon.


Leonard and Cathrin are right behind John.

Do you know the reason why she is so angry?

Complete that which you can today. Don't leave it till tomorrow.

Things were different then.

Our company has come a long way since it was set up.

Miles has been told what to do more than once.

I want Ginny to let Bonnie speak.

Enclosed is our company profile.

Will you go over my plan?

Everyone needs to relax.

"Could you do this instead of me?" "Sorry, I'm too busy."

Mark was a work horse on his construction crew.

You don't have to respond by letter.

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By and by he forgot that affair.

Do you happen to know her?

School lunches are disgusting!